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Vive la resolution!

New year’s revolutions:

  1. Keep writing.
  2. Take more pictures of people.
  3. Develop my collection of Peeps.
  4. Share my pictures more.
  5. Avoid GAS – I already have more cameras and lenses than fit into a single bag I could carry.
  6. Get my older negatives and slides organised and catalogued.
  7. Get the Kiev fixed (don’t ask).
  8. Sell off the stuff I don’t use.
  9. Vegetables for all (world peas).
  10. Make more mistakes, so I can learn.

More to the point, what are the things I intend to not do?

  1. Give up.
  2. Eat creme caramel.
  3. Wear flares.
  4. Stop trying to find a hat I look good in. It may be a Trumpian double negative, but as they often say round these parts “Ee, tha looks a bugger in that’at”.
  5. Break cameras.
It’s not the hat – Lounge Hats are great – it’s the wearer

But good intentions run the risk of dieting. Once you set a target to achieve, that becomes the end point. As soon as you get to the mark, you stop doing the things that got you there. Better to adopt a process, as you concentrate on doing something differently and achieve the target as a by-product.

So, my new processes: each time I think of taking a picture I need to ask myself if I will care about the image in ten years. The more I dig out older pictures of people from my files, the more I will think about the value of people over places and things. Each time I see a bargain camera or lens on eBay I will ask myself if it adds anything to what I can do.

So that’s the new, people-friendly me for 2019.

Come back this time next year to see how it turned out.


Author: fupduckphoto

Still wishing I knew what was going on.

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