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The resolution will be televised

Looking back at my resolutions for the last year, how did I do?

What I said I would do was:

  1. Keep writing.
  2. Take more pictures of people.
  3. Develop my collection of Peeps.
  4. Share my pictures more.
  5. Avoid GAS – I already have more cameras and lenses than fit into a single bag I could carry.
  6. Get my older negatives and slides organised and catalogued.
  7. Get the Kiev fixed (don’t ask).
  8. Sell off the stuff I don’t use.
  9. Vegetables for all (world peas).
  10. Make more mistakes, so I can learn.

More to the point, what are the things I intended to not do?

  1. Give up.
  2. Eat creme caramel.
  3. Wear flares.
  4. Stop trying to find a hat I look good in. It may be a Trumpian double negative, but as they often say round these parts “Ee, tha looks a bugger in that’at”.
  5. Break cameras.

And then, what did I actually do?

  1. Kept writing. A new post every week. Yay!
  2. Probable fail – I just don’t do street photography or portraiture. I much prefer people engaged in activities, and I haven’t been to many of the right sort of events. I did take pictures of people diving though, where previously it would have only been fish.
  3. Another fail. Somehow I just don’t have the time to print pictures. I did send a load out for printing, so perhaps not a total fail.
  4. I only really share pictures on this blog. I would rather use pictures as illustrations than just show them for their own sake.
  5. Oh dear! I was doing really well, and then I bought a box of cameras.
  6. Not too bad. I dug a load of negatives out of filing envelopes and put them in filing sleeves, then ‘contact printed’ them with a dSLR and a lightbox. So I now have a better idea of where the old pictures are and how to find one amongst them.
  7. Nope.
  8. Yep. I sold off a bunch of stuff and feel much better for it. Especially as it let me buy replacement stuff.
  9. Unlikely.
  10. I did this one wholesale.

And as for the things I said I would do less of:

  1. Still going.
  2. Eew!
  3. Damn right! I even got rid of some old pairs of jeans with suspiciously wide legs.
  4. Still looking though.
  5. Fail. Perhaps because I insist on using them?

So what would I change from this list or resolve to do this year? What is my 2020 vision?

  1. It may be time to shut down Any fans of Sir Pterry want a relevant domain name?
  2. Keep writing. Who needs an audience when I’m getting all this therapy?
  3. Find more opportunities to take pictures of people engaged in interesting activities.
  4. Get the Kiev fixed.
  5. Sell the gear I don’t need or use.
  6. Keep trying for a good hat.
  7. Try being more sociable.
  8. Try developing colour film.
  9. Make fewer mistakes.
  10. Scan-in more of the archive of negatives and slides.
Do my feet look big in this?

And something I read in a “how to attract more readers” article – I’ll cut the punning titles and try just saying what the post is about.

There you go – that’s my 2020. What about you?


Author: fupduckphoto

Still wishing I knew what was going on.

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