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The art of the blog

The spoken word or the written? Has podcast killed the keyboard star?

Perhaps I’m biased: I write but (you can thank me later) don’t speak. I do enjoy my podcasts, but I also love a bit of textual feeling.

I commute by car. So I have around a 90 minutes a day when I can listen but not look. This is podcast time. The ‘casters fill my car with conversation and they take no offence when I shout back or pause them during the tricky bits (changes of gear or direction). If there was a high-occupancy lane, I would feel justified.

I also have times when the eyes are free even if the hands are occupied. Think lunchtime. This is when I hit the blogs. I do love a blog.

Podcasting is hard work, but worse than that it’s scheduled hard work. If you drop an hour of sound every week on a Wednesday morning, you better have that sucker recorded, edited and loaded every single Wednesday. And editing takes time. Every hour we hear probably takes two to record and edit.

So this is why I write. I can take as long as I like to develop a single article. As long as they drop out of the sausage machine every Thursday, nobody knows or cares how long they took to write. I often build a reservoir of posts ahead of taking time off, like a holiday. The joy of queuing six posts, and the freedom from deadlines, is delicious.
Not so for the pod people. They have to be there, and cheerful, every time. Imagine the strain.

In truth, you can hear the strain. Some need funding to support their (desirable and worthy) work. And it is work – audio files are big and need hosting.

So I have a soft spot for the path less heard. The quietly spoken word. The quirky and crinkly. And here’s a few to try:

Not perhaps mainstream, but close to the source. (Which, as I have learned, usually means I am the last person to discover anything. )
And if you are feeling brave:

  • PS – I just realised this is my 100th post. Go me!
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