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Well, that was a(nother) year

2021 was a year to remember, but not fondly. My second year of working from home during Covid, for one reason. It was also the year I retired from full-time work. This was a long-term plan that came to fruition and involved moving house during the same pandemic. Who knew it would be on-trend as part of the Great Retirement?

The Photography Show at the NEC was an unexpected bonus and seemed to create a sense that we could do it again next year, but better. As Granny Weatherwax said, “I Ate’nt Dead”, and that’s the main thing.

Scuba diving virtually stopped due to Covid and when we did get the chance to go out, bad weather kept the boat in harbour. It’s not that we can’t go diving in the rain, but strong waves can make it impossible to get back on the boat.

We had to move my mum into care, which has been a difficult decision and complex logistics, as she lives more than 200 miles away. Her physical health has improved as a result, which confirms it was the right decision.

Speaking of logistics, moving house has been … interesting. The new house is smaller and has fewer (almost no) cupboards. I thought I’d cleared out a load of photo gear but it seems to have been breeding in the cardboard boxes. The first issue is retention – I need another serious cull. The next is storage – where to put the things I want to keep so that I can find them and they don’t suffer from damp. Not that the house is damp, but the temporary storage of boxes can be. It does make you look at eBay differently. Rather than “ooh, that’s cheap and I’ve always wanted one”, I’m thinking “where would I keep that?”. Shame I didn’t do more of that in the past.

My hopes back in June that it would be all over once we were vaccinated didn’t pan out, as England heads back into another lockdown. We got lucky this time, as coronavirus has been fairly well studied. With the mess we made of handling Covid, be glad it wasn’t Ebola.

On the plus side our kids are fine and so are most family and friends. These things matter more than diving or photography.

As for 2022, I’m not really sure what to expect. I’ll be working fewer hours over fewer days, so I hope to spend much more time doing things I enjoy. I have a big shed with the new house that I plan to convert to a workshop/ brewery/ photography den. Not that I feel I need to build it before I can do those things, but it will make all of them easier.

So yes, let’s see what the new year brings.

Best wishes to you all.


Author: fupduckphoto

Still wishing I knew what was going on.

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