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Easy cable tidy

A quick practical post.

Digital things come with cables. I have a LOT of cables. And it is the nature of cables to tangle. So it’s impossible to find the one that has the correct connectors on each end. I could probably hang them on a shadow board if I had the time and inclination, but I don’t. So the answer is rubber bands.

Pinch the band so that it becomes a doubled-over snake rather then an open loop. Tie a knot close to one end.

Coil your cable so that the ends are close together (to make it easy to select the right cable). Hold the knot of the rubber band against the coiled cable. Pull the free end of the rubber band around the looped cable, keeping the band stretched, until you have used up the slack. Loop the end of the band over the knot. The little loop above the knot also gives you something to hang it up with. Simples.



Author: fupduckphoto

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