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New year

The changing of the year is upon us. 2023 looms. It feels odd even thinking it – I remember at school working out how old I would be in 2000. Both the year and my years seemed impossible numbers. And yet I can remember sitting at work as midnight approached and the year clicked over to 2000. I had a letter of resignation in my pocket. I was responsible for the computer systems, and if the Millennium Bug did bite, it was my fault. But the work worked and I continued to work. And now it will be 2023.

What shall I do with my new year then?

I have an opportunity to do some more diving in warm water with smiley fish. The shed is now a useable space, so I have somewhere I can set up my lightbox and film scanner. I have a box of film I can shoot. I have a C41 developer kit. The world is, if not my oyster, my whelk.

Make the best of it, as we all end up as pavement

Anyway, enough wittering. We have two days left of ’22. Time to make some plans. See you next year.


Author: fupduckphoto

Still wishing I knew what was going on.

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