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Waterproof bags

I first need to be very clear about something. The people that make these bags do not make photography bags. They have nothing to do with the Russian camera-makers with the same name, nor with the photography business with a similar name. They make watersports, cycling and outdoors gear. Meet Lomo, purveyors of waterproof kit to the discerning, from the heart of Glasgow. But Lomo the watersports business has nothing to do with and makes no claim on photography. Got that? Good.

I came across their kit first through scuba diving. Lomo make practical stuff at great prices. Diving will beat your wallet to death with a naily stick if you let it. You can fall victim to fashion and (as they say in Scotland) prance about like a haddie in your shiny stuff, or spend less money on something tough and practical. Now, I may only be an adopted Yorkshireman, but I feel I should hold up my end of the reputation. So it’s go-go Lomo for this bro’.

I’ve been using a Lomo waterproof bumbag to hold a stuff when I was in the water. We (pre Covid) ran a duck race in the river at Ripon to raise money for a charity. I am usually at the finish line, stood in the river and working like a one-armed paper-hanger to catch the winning ducks. It’s not unknown to fall over in the river – the bottom is rocky and occasionally one of us has to pursue the odd duck that escapes past the end barrier. I could leave my car keys, wallet and phone on the riverbank, but I would prefer not to. Enter the Lomo bumbag. This is waterproof enough that I can keep my stuff on me and doesn’t get in the way. Couple that with a waterproof camera or helmet-mounted video and I can take snaps between bursts of frenzied duck catching.

Ripon Duck Race

The same bag comes diving with me when we’re on a boat. Every single thing you take on the boat is going to get wet. Apart from the obvious spray or rain, boats (pre Covid) can be crowded and wet kit will invariably end up on top of dry. Lomo make a wide range of waterproof storage bags which are good for things like extra jumpers. When (if) we’re allowed out to play again I also fancy one of their rucksacks.

Can you tell I'm a fan of their stuff?
Can you tell I’m a fan of their stuff?

So it’s a really short post because I just want to share something useful. If you go out in the wet, take a look at Lomo kit. (I could wish they were sponsoring me but they are not. It’s just good kit. Of course, if Ilford wants to jump in with a huge film deal, I am reassuringly open to influence. Or cake – anyone who makes cake and needs an influencer who clearly enjoys it, call me).



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